Do you need help in overcoming the problems faced by people while ordering signage and manufacturers who are figuring out on the technical/logical aspect of sign making?

The Author R. Chandra Sekar is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and a Signage Professional, spent 20 years in Sign Industry in one of the fastest growing cities in the world and literally involved in many of the iconic signage development and implementation in the city. The Dubai city speaks for itself compared to any other cities in the world in the field of signage implementation. The city is open to new ideas and has implemented vast signage.

In this book, You will learn what makes a complete signage. And you will discover all logical and technical explanation in simple words to understand and implement.

What I have learned is a knowledge and it is a treasure. I would like to share this to the people who are in signage business and people who would want better signage for themselves and for their company.

The Book explains how a good signage benefits business and increases their sales if it is done in right way. What needs to be considered while ordering signage and the manufacturers can learn what is important for their customers.

Please read through the sample chapters and index of the book and see how it can benefit as well.